Calling all EcoHeroes!

Love this idea from our friends at EventBrite. Calling all EcoHeroes! EcoApprentice members are special.  They care about being EcoFriendly in their businesses and their communities.

Nominate yourself or a friend to be an EcoHero.  We’ll share with the world (or at least our little corner of it) about your desires and actions to impact the world and your community by making it more sustainable and profitable.

What does it take to be an EcoHero? It’s simple, care about being EcoFriendly. What are YOU waiting for?  Become a member today and you’re on your way to being a hero!

We’ll be selecting a few EcoHeroes to include in our future newsletters and blog.

Just email us a couple paragraphs about you or a friend and your interest in being more sustainable (or EcoFriendly).  We’ll take care of the rest.

To get us started, we’re nominating our local friends at DirtHugger, check out their mission and you’ll know what makes them EcoHeroes!