5 Cool Things Our Members Are Doing!

Our members know that their businesses can be more eco-friendly and profitable by incorporating sustainable strategies into biz operations.  Here are just a few examples of intriguing challenges:

5) Jeffrey Hodgins is looking for a dry season cover crop that can be sown with two months old corn plants and live to survive the dry winter on the Central Mexican Volcanic Plateau. (The winner of this EcoChallenge will get two weeks free room & board at their home in Puebla.)

4) Truce Designs is looking for uses for their extra scrap fabric from their dry suit factory.

3) Allium Bistro is looking for an efficient, realistic and health-law compliant composting system for their restaurant.

2) Doppio Coffee Lounge is looking for a way to close the loop on compostable packaging for coffee cups, lids, boxes, etc.

1) EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board) is looking for high quality, useable, compostable, recyclable and/or made in the USA products for their prizes and promotions.

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