Chelsea Peil asks: What are we here to do?

Chelsea Peil is a freelance sustainability centric creative advisor and project manager. She has worked on social marketing and PR campaigns, educational programming, and content development for innovative businesses in Portland, OR as well as projects on EcoApprentice. You are welcome to connect with her on LinkedIN.

What are we here to do?

Well, it’s up to all of us to make the answer to this question meaningful for the precious lives we share in everyday life. Being a part of everyday work with organizations that want my unique skill set to develop their projects and assistance to make them happen is part of the answer of why I am here. Let’s make it fun, beautiful and authentic to our values!
Through international studies, traveling, and growing up in the United States; I see creating a lifestyle and connection to the earth’s natural resources more difficult because of the materialism that surrounds us.  I believe the business community can help to influence people to stop this disconnection. This has inspired me to be involved as a cultural practitioner to integrate sustainability into programs, such as fashion shows with Junk to, web show content, thought leaders videos, curriculum and organizational development. We have a choice to participate in the global effort of restoring healthy relationships to earth and doing it like pros.

Humor, art and imagination go along way in developing practices and messaging not only worth telling the world about, but appealing and beautiful. Currently, I am excited to be apart of EcoApprentice’s collective intelligence efforts and personally collecting cross-cultural wisdom for addressing the challenges we must face together. Now is the time to seize the opportunities to create ways of being that can support thriving existence for all life for many generations.


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