EcoInterview with “Petey” ~ a Green Dog

“Petey” is a mixed breed dog who shops at Green Dog Pet Supply, the first environmentally friendly pet supply store in the USA. Green Dog specializes in environmentally friendly pet supplies and gifts for dogs, cats & their people. The inside of the store was built almost entirely from reclaimed materials, and products include those that were locally made from sustainable materials, organic ingredients, non toxic materials, recycled materials, or things that are exceptionally durable so that they are less likely to be land-filled.


How long have you been a “green dog”?

Since forever. Okay, really only since I was 11 weeks old, which is technically a “green puppy.” Green Dog Pet Supply is my second living room. THE FLOORS ARE AWESOME. Green Dog was one of the first places I ever went, and they helped me to learn about how to be a green dog.

I thought dogs were color blind, do you know what the color green looks like?

It looks like bully sticks from pastured beef, super stinky training treats made from organic ingredients, and new toys made from recycled materials, and GRASS! GRASS IS GREEN! Grass is the ultimate aperitif (as long as it’s grown without yucky chemicals).

What can humans do (from a dog’s perspective) to make the world a greener place?

I love to ride in the car, but walks are the best. More walking, less driving? More hanging out with me outside, less spending money places where I’m not allowed inside? I mean, if I’m not invited, it can’t be very green. I eat meat, but I also love raw carrots, apples and green beans. Maybe humans could eat those? They don’t have any wrappers. You can get them at the farmer’s market. I LOVE THE FARMER’S MARKET. I met my last girlfriend there. She doesn’t know it, yet, but she’s totally my girlfriend. I wish she would call.

Do you know any green cats? Ever chase one?

Yes! Gigi is a green cat (she likes locally made organic catnip toys) and I don’t understand why her affection for “tag” isn’t as great as mine. It’s actually a very classy game.

Any ideas what to do with what dogs do — after going potty outside?

It’s not that big of a deal. Have you seen those green bags? They’re green, so they must be good, so just use those and stop acting like you don’t go potty too. I KNOW YOU DO.

Does green dog food taste as good as less green dog food?

I have never had non-green food so I wouldn’t know, but my food OH MY GOSH. MY FOOD IS SO GOOD. I would eat Sock Flavor if they made it. Could you make that happen? If you do, I’ll kiss you. On the mouth. (Wait, was that too forward?)

If your green dog or cat has a cool EcoChallenge, or you want to join a community of people, businesses, (and pets) that care about sustainability, become a member of EcoApprentice for free.

 Stay tuned for more green dog advice from Petey!

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