There is rumbling underneath…

Mount Ngaruahoe New Zealand

EcoApprentice has been pretty quiet the last couple of months.  That is, on the surface. Yet much like a volcano, there is lots of rumbling underneath.

A while back, my Advisory Board gave me some great advice: “Stop building EcoApprentice and start building a team to build EcoApprentice.” I had taken it as far as I could as a sole proprietor, not to mention I felt and looked like I just ran an ultra-marathon.  Our “beta” version was successful in demonstrating the concept. We are at well over 250 members; a diverse mix of biz, non-profits, schools, and sustainable-minded individuals.

I found a very talented business partner (press release soon) and we are in the process of navigating a path forward to develop version 3.0.  We are excited about adding lots of features, social media connectivity, and our revenue model. v3.0 will include lots to incentivize EcoChallenge participation + build community.

For now,  the seismograph readings are growing more active even if the volcano looks quiet. The steam is building…

Stay tuned for our re-launch in spring of 2013!



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