EcoInterview ~ Jacen Green with PSU’s Impact Entrepreneurs

On 5/15/13 I interviewed Jacen Greene, Ames Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship with Portland State University’s Impact Entrepreneurs. They are putting together the Elevating Impact Summit on June 21 at The Gerding Theater in Portland Oregon.   What a great event to meet & network with bold thinking social entrepreneurs and learn about exciting projects in the works. We are really looking forward to this!

Executive Director, Carolyn McKnight, leading a field study program in India.

What is the Portland State University Impact Entrepreneurs program?

Impact Entrepreneurs  is an initiative of the PSU School of Business. We believe in the power of business to create positive change, and we work with local and global partners, entrepreneurs, students and faculty to strengthen organizations, develop leaders, and catalyze social entrepreneurship for a more just world.
Can anybody join PSU Impact Entrepreneurs? (i.e. do you have to be a student, business major?)
We’re not a membership-based organization; instead, we provide a number of programs tailored to support social entrepreneurs at every stage of their personal and organizational growth, regardless of their affiliation with PSU. We offer a field study program for students and community members to study social entrepreneurship in Cambodia, an incubator for local social entrepreneurs to develop the skills and connections to succeed in business, and run leadership development and management training programs for partners such as Mercy Corps.
Tell us about the Elevating Impact Summit coming up in PDX on June 21st
The Elevating Impact Summit  is a celebration of new approaches to generating social impact across business, social, public, and academic sectors. The event features a dynamic day of interactive discussion and learning sessions, inspiring speakers, first-hand accounts from social entrepreneurs and innovators, and opportunities to connect with a diverse audience of professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and students. We’re also hosting a pitch competition with slots reserved for the public (learn more or apply at and announcing the recipients of the first annual Impact Awards.
The Summit is a great way to learn about social entrepreneurship, get inspired by the amazing work of innovative local and global organizations, and discover how you can use business tools to create positive change! Register by May 21st for $75 (goes up to $100).
For more thinking-outside-the-box, go to EcoApprentice to post or solve an EcoChallenge.  We would love to share compelling challenges from social entrepreneurs!

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